PANS-OPS Training

PANS-OPS (Aerodrome Instrument Procedures)

PANS-OPS stands for “Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Operations”. In simple terms it is the way in which aircraft instrument procedures are designed and utilised around the aerodrome and in airspace generally.

This course is presented in a seminar format. That is, there are no assessments to be undertaken during this course. Participants are encouraged to take notes during the course to gain maximum value from the attendance.

This course is hosted by AMS though it is facilitated by IDS. IDS have a vast experience of PANS-OPS design both here in Australia and around the world. Attendees will obtain a certificate of attendance following the 2 day presentation.

This course also includes a dinner in the city kindly provided by IDS. Attendance is not compulsory though it is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and insight with those other airport operations staff from around Australia.

Please see the included PDF information sheet on this page for further information about the course.

This is the second PANS-OPS course we have hosted and we have improved the course following the valuable feedback from the attendees on the first course. The course now has a stronger focus on practical learning and has been condensed from three days to two days subject to the feedback received.

Please use the form or the contact details in the ‘contact us‘ section of this website to reserve a position on this course.


Course Date – Wednesday 14th March to Thursday 15th March, 2017

PANS-OPS Training