AVIF0035 Manage human factors in aviation operations

Aerodrome Management Services (RTO 52413)

Course Overview

Human Factors considers the social and personal skills, such as communication and decision making which complement our technical skills. By applying knowledge about the human body and mind we can better understand our capabilities and limitations creating a safer, more efficient aviation environment with a reduced likelihood of human error.

Our Nationally Recognised two-day Human Factors course (AVIF0035 Manage human factors in aviation operations) has been designed to provide participants with an insight into how humans perform their tasks in the workplace and the factors that may affect safety and performance. During the course we will discuss ways in which humans go about their jobs, interact with each other, communicate with each other, and make decisions.

This unit addresses aviation non-technical skill requirements (mental, social and person-management abilities) related to safety management duties of aviation personnel and contributes to safe and effective performance in complex aviation operational environments.

Blended Learning and Assessment

Our Human Factors course is delivered in a blended format over two (2) days . The first day and a half will be theoretical and practical delivery, while the last part of the course will involve a theoretical workplace assessment which must be completed during the course.

Post-Course Assessment

Following the completion of the face-to-face component of the training, students will be required to complete a post-course assessment in the form of a case study.

It is the responsibility of the course participant to complete their post-course assessment. Where individuals are unable to find a suitable option AMS will permit the use of a previous or hypothetical workplace to be used, providing that all the assessment materials are comprehensively covered.

Employers should provide course participants with access to non-confidential workplace policy and procedure documents. Course participants will require time available to them to complete the post-course assessment. A full day to work on the content, followed by a further day to compile their analysis would be a realistic time-frame – although this can be staggered throughout a working week/ roster period.

The post-course assessment tasks should be submitted to your assessor within three (3) months of the course finish date.


Upon successful completion of this course (including submitting all required assessment paperwork), course participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for the unit AVIF0035 Manage human factors in aviation operations.